Motherduck in Cornwall

the Motherduck

After reading a newspaper report in 2003 about the fate of thousands of plastic ducks lost overboard in 1992 during a storm on the Pacific Ocean, Marga Houtman created the Motherduck, a gigantic plastic duck of 2.5 metres in length, that sets out to find her children.

Patrick Gofre and Marga Houtman filmed the quest.
Among other places, they landed in Cornwall where – just as along the Dutch coast – people expect that in the near future some of the plastic ducks that were shipwrecked will come ashore.
The adventurous journey made by the little ducks over the world’s seas does not only appeal to young and old, it has also awakened the interest of oceanographers, since any ducks that might come ashore could help to map the ocean currents.

This film demonstrates more than clearly that the plastic duck is not just a children’s toy:

the Motherduck

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